I am a 1950’s Housewife…. and Spicy Beef Enchilada Roll-Ups


Hi my name is Stephanie and I am a 1950’s housewife. I double and triple recipes just so that I can stockpile meals in my freezer. I mean I PREFER fresh food- who doesn’t? But with a long commute, we rely on our stockpiles often.

And sometimes, all that crazy housewife cooking mania pays off.

Case in Point: This past weekend, we were able to escape to NYC for a wonderful visit with friends. It was a beautiful, sun soaked weekend made even better by fantastic company and several TO. DIE. FOR. meals. Thai food, burgers at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, and one of the BEST Italian dinners I’ve had. So much delicious food. And for those of you wondering  whether I worried about calories, I can tell ya with a big old smile: no, I did not. At the end of the day, one delicious weekend celebrating life with friends and enjoying copious amounts of good food won’t blow an otherwise on track diet.

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An Ode to Spring and Blueberry Lemon Muffins

I can’t say it enough- I adore spring. If I had to choose an overall favorite, I have to admit that fall is my true season love, but spring and I, we have our own secret love affair too. Seriously, if you have ever endured a New England winter, you will understand the pure joy that those first few warm, sun soaked days of spring cause.

Along with warmer weather, comes a craving for “spring flavors.” Don’t get me wrong, I still love my winter comfort foods- and I have been known to make chili in the middle of the summer- but spring screams lemon, fruit and fresh veggies to me.

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See Steph Run… seriously!

There is no way around it- injuries stink. As I’ve mentioned here, I’ve been slowly but surely self-rehabbing my leg from some knee/IBT strain. It’s been frustrating, limiting, and painful. I know, I know, I am far past the point where I should have seen a doctor. I actually made appointments twice and had to reschedule due to work. However, I’ve been stretching more, running less and foam rolling often. Someone recently asked me why I bother running if it puts such a strain on my body. It’s a fair point- running does put a lot of strain on your joints and muscles. So why do it?

I run for a lot of reasons. I run for the love of the sweat, I run because I love to feel my heart pounding. I run because I love to be outside.

I run because I can. For so long, I thought I couldn’t- it really is a bit of mind over matter. After years of thinking “I have asthma, I can’t ever be a runner”, I’ve learned to control my breathing. And I love it.

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Reflections, Something Sweet, and Chocolate Drizzled Macaroons


I have to be honest, I wanted to blog all weekend. In fact, I have a back log of recipes and photos just waiting for my attention. But I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I suspect a lot of people in my home state feel like that right now. Even though I was blessedly not directly impacted by the events last week, my perception of my hometown, my feelings associated with it, are altered.

So this weekend, after spending Friday glued to the news as the most unbelievable display of heroism by our first responders unfolded before our eyes, we tried to find balance again. After seeing so many families torn apart, I admit I clung to my husband. I felt a need to simply be close. It helps, honestly.

In the interest of pure transparency with anyone reading this, I will admit that going back to posting recipes seems odd. But normalcy is good too. This weekend, normalcy came in the form of sweetness- nothing wrong with fro yo for dinner, right?  After everything we’ve all seen this last week, I think we could all use a little sweetness right?

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No words.


I keep trying to say something here.. but what can you say? I am thankful my family and friends- so many at the Marathon- are all ok. But I am heart broken for all those who were hurt. For the girl from my hometown who was killed. I cannot wrap my mind around Monday’s events. I do not understand- but who really can?

Pray for Boston, pray for the world. The Boston Marathon is the very best of humanity- perseverance, comradery between competitors. It is an event that is the very essence of Boston, of New England. It’s just.. unspeakable.



New Beginning….

I started this blog part of the way through my first challenge. At the time, I thought taking part in the Barre N9ne 60 Day Challenge would be a “set” way for me to shed some weight and tone. Now that I’ve completed 2 challenges, I realize that this wasn’t a temporary program that has come to an end. Instead, this is only the beginning for me.

Over the last 120 (or so) days, I feel like my life has changed. I’ve always been Type A. I’ve always been stressed (hey- I am only PARTIALLY to blame. I honestly believe the pressure of law school would destroy even the most zen personality). However now, now I have found my release. I thought working out more and eating better would simply change the way I looked. I couldn’t possibly have grasped the emotional impact.

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Recapturing the Beauty…. and Pan Seared Sea Scallops with Pesto and Roasted Tomatoes


It is so easy to lose sight of the beauty in life sometimes- the little things that make you so happy but get buried under the day to day. And lately, I have a LOT of day-to-day to bury myself in. Driving nearly an hour and 25 minutes each morning to work, working long days, driving that same distance back home, squeezing in workouts and runs, cleaning, cooking, and taking care of life- it is exhausting. 

Don’t get me wrong, I feel extremely blessed. I feel blessed to have found a job, that although extremely far, interests me each and every day. A job that I am WILLING to make such a drive for. And I feel blessed to have a home to worry about. But sometimes, sometimes it’s just hard. Sometimes I just want to be able to get home at a normal hour and crash on the couch with my husband. I don’t want us to have to spend our weekends running errands, cleaning and cooking because we get home too late at night to get any of that out of the way. And I get cranky. Rawr.

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