Icelandic Noms Part II

As I mentioned in our last Icelandic Noms post, we’ve mostly been cooking on our own. It has really been simple items- sandwiches, yogurt and granola, fruits and cheese, etc. Later this week I plan to try making something a bit more involved- we already snagged a disposable grill!

We’ve been hitting up Icelandic supermarkets along the way to fill in many of our breakfasts and lunches and even most of our dinners!

Generally, our meals have looked like this:


Lunch along Skotufjordur, Westfjords, Iceland. Simple but filling. And seriously who cares what you are eating when you have this view!


What we were eating- like I said, simple.


Skyr- Icelandic yogurt that is amazing. It’s a bit thicker than chobani and definitely not as low fat but its been a great protein burst for some breakfast and lunches.



Deli meats- specifically ham and salami. I don’t know why but it seems to be a popular staple served with breakfasts.

Lamb- everywhere we go all we see sheep. It’s been awesome to see adorable baby sheep grazing on the sides of roads and sometimes even walking in the roads! With so many sheep, of course lamb meat is a staple. I haven’t seen chicken on a single menu but we’ve had some amazing lamb soup and Greg enjoyed this incredible lamb dinner in a tiny village.

Fish- Of course on an island, fresh and dried fish is on every menu and in every store. We’ve had some particularly incredible dishes too:

We also prepared by bringing 3 boxes of KIND bars on the trip with us. They’ve been invaluable snacks on hikes and longer car rides. I really prefer them to other bars because they are not only delicious, but they are also healthy and made from ingredients I can pronounce. And no, they aren’t sponsoring this endorsement, I’m just obsessed.

Ok, time to head back out!


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  1. Wow, making your own meals on such a long trip is just the best perk, isn’t it? and your views? amazing!!

    • Steph

      Thank you!! Somehow I am just seeing these comments. It was nice to not have to go out all the time- plus it totally freed us up to stay out crazy late all the time! And yea- the views in Iceland are AMAZING. Such an incredible place!!!!

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