Icelandic Noms: Part I

When we decided on Iceland, I thought that it wouldn’t be a “foodie” vacation.

We decided from the start that it wouldn’t be financially feasible for us to eat out three times a day for two weeks-I keep planting that hundred dollar bill tree but the damn thing won’t grow! So we planned to eat out as little as possible and instead buy and make our own food. However, we’ve still managed to have quite a few AMAZING meals since we’ve arrived. Of course we haven’t been eating as lean as we usually do, but hey it’s vacation and since we’ve been hiking most days for several hours, I’m not concerned.

Starting with the really fun stuff- the meals we’ve had at the various little holes in the wall around this country. Every tiny place offers incredible presentation!


This AMAZING salad was topped with bits of feta and sundried tomato. The restaurant is called Talisman in the tiny, sleepy fishing village of Suðureyri in the Westfjords. DELISH.


Amazing langoustine (lobster) pizza in the lobster capital of Iceland- Höfn. This was SO SO incredible.


This was Greg’s dinner- a REINDEER burger with cinnamon caramelized onions and blue cheese. I took a bite. I am now going to try my DAMN HARDEST to recreate this at home. It may or may not have to be a guilty pleasure post. Anyone know where I can buy some rudolph burgers?!


First off- I have a MUCH better photo of this on our real camera. I will repost this one when we have some more time. This was one of the MOST INCREDIBLE DINNERS I’ve ever had.. at least fishwise. While in Reykjavik, we dined at Fiskfélagið (FishCompany). The atmosphere was great and the food was even better. This was a light but filling plate of various fish from around the island. I think this platter had Arctic Char, Lobster, Salmon and another fish I cannot remember!

And last but not least, the dessert break we didn’t plan for at all.


For the record.. this was eaten on a picnic table outside the house below, on a fjord. While we were there WHALES WERE DIVING in the water. This country is freaking MAGICAL.

Real whipped cream and sugar are a treat that I just couldn’t pass up. Seriously- thank goodness we are hiking for hours every day. We stopped at a small turf house called Litlibær offering coffee. The host brought everything you see on this table- and more- out to us. We were stunned and totally ate it all. The host’s father grew up in the home and now they run it as a coffee stop and museum. If you go to Iceland, GO HERE. It is so unexpectedly gorgeous.



Later today… Part II… adventures in Icelandic Deli sandwiches aka Stephanie’s Cooking In Iceland.

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