Stay Tuned…

The last week has been a bit out of control but it is finally here! It is vacation time! I am planning some really fun, different posts over the next couple of weeks… So I haven’t completely checked out! ūüôā

Stay tuned..

Reflections, Something Sweet, and Chocolate Drizzled Macaroons


I have to be honest, I wanted to blog all weekend. In fact, I have a back log of recipes and photos just waiting for my attention. But I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I suspect a lot of people in my home state feel like that right now. Even though I was blessedly not directly impacted by the events last week, my perception of my hometown, my feelings associated with it, are altered.

So this weekend, after spending Friday glued to the news as the most unbelievable display of heroism by our first responders unfolded before our eyes, we tried to find balance again. After seeing so many families torn apart, I admit I clung to my husband. I felt a need to simply be close. It helps, honestly.

In the interest of pure¬†transparency¬†with anyone reading this, I will admit that going back to posting recipes seems odd. But normalcy is good too. This weekend, normalcy came in the form of sweetness- nothing wrong with fro yo for dinner, right? ¬†After everything we’ve all seen this last week, I think we could all use a little sweetness right?

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No words.


I keep trying to say something here.. but what can you say? I am thankful my family and friends- so many at the Marathon- are all ok. But I am heart broken for all those who were hurt. For the girl from my hometown who was killed. I cannot wrap my mind around Monday’s events. I do not understand- but who really can?

Pray for Boston, pray for the world. The Boston Marathon is the very best of humanity-¬†perseverance, comradery between competitors. It is an event that is the very essence of Boston, of New England. It’s just.. unspeakable.



Sooner or Later.. It Has To Drop

Well my little lesson in moderation may have been a little too late. Working out and eating healthy certainly boosts your immune system but when you push too hard on too little sleep something has got to give.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends- waking up at 4:30 to hit the gym, driving my long commute, working a longer day to stay ahead at the office, coming home to cook dinner and still going to barre a few nights a week.

As Freddie Prinze Jr. would say, sooner or later, something has to drop.

C’mon.. you know you love She’s All That.

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Moderation is key

Moderation, moderation, moderation. It is a word I have been literally drilling in to my head over the last couple of weeks, for a couple of reasons.

Namely, because perhaps I have been pushing myself a wee bit too hard….and now, my body is telling me to moderate. After spending most of last summer and this fall rehabing a toe injury- I hyperextended my big toe OW OW OW- I thought I was ready to start running again. And, perhaps, I am. However, after several weeks of slowly gaining distance, including more than a couple of 5ks and 4 milers, a new pain came screaming my way. Out of nowhere a few weeks ago, my leg started to burn after a run. I am still awaiting a doctor’s appointment to sort it all out, but I suspect it is my IT band. Womp womp.

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ME, ME, ME, I, I, I!

Motivation… it doesn’t come in a bottle or and it’s not something you can download online. It’s really not something you can find outside yourself. I somewhat touched upon this in my last post, but it is truly something that you have to find within yourself.

I’ve had several conversations with friends this week about making changes and the theme has been the same with everyone. Change- at least when it comes to health- is extremely personal. It is a decision that you have to make for YOU, not your spouse, your parents, your friends. It’s perhaps something you have to be a little selfish about. Because when you make the change for you, it is a change that is more likely to stick.

It is so easy to feel pressure to get “skinny” and follow a trendy diet- it’s impossible not to feel it if you watch any television or ever stand waiting in line in front of a magazine rack at the grocery store, but for me, whenever I acted out of pressure, I failed.

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When Did We Get So Old?

The following is neither food nor fitness related, so if you hate lovey dovey gushing- look away now.

You’ve been warned.

Last Thursday (yes, Valentine’s Day), marked ten years since my husband and I got together. Yes, we got together on the cheesiest holiday of the year. We were teenagers, you can’t really blame us. We were married about two and a half years ago and normally only celebrate that day. But this year, we thought ten years was worth celebrating. While I would not consider myself a relationship expert, I think I’ve learned a bit this last decade…

So what have I learned in ten years?

1. Relationships are not meant to be easy. Contrary to the fairy tales, you do not fall in love and then sail off into the sunset. Instead, you actually live your life together. And just like we each do individually in life, as a couple you will struggle and you will grow together. This is a good thing.

2. When it’s right, it IS easy! I know, I know, this seems to completely contradict #1 right? It doesn’t. Yes, a relationship is work and work is not easy. But when you are in the right relationship, even the hardest work, the biggest problem, seems easy to conquer together. When it is right, the love feels as easy as breathing- even when you are struggling to breathe!

3. You have to compromise. This may not be my strongest trait, but it is a must. There will always be things we do not see perfectly eye to eye on. And thank goodness for that. I do not want to be married to my emotional twin. Agreeing on everything would be pretty boring.

4. Have fun together. Get outside. Take a walk. Do something unexpected. Our favorite memories always seem to come out of unexpected moments.

5. At the end of the day, it is the little moments that make a marriage- not the big ones. For me, I’ve found more love and more closeness in the small things- such as how my husband wakes up a bit earlier just to make us breakfast every morning, or the times I come home and find him getting the laundry going, or when he simply gives me an unexpected kiss. Those are the moments that define who we are far more than the big anniversaries, trips and decisions. Our marriage grows with each breakfast, each kiss goodnight, and each kind gesture. Point is- embrace the small stuff.

So, that is what such a short period of togetherness has taught me. Cheesy- probably. But true. I can’t wait to see what the next few decades teach us.

And if this post bored you to tears.. maybe my 10 year old prom photo, complete with terrible prom hair and a reflective dress.. will make you laugh. Yes, we went to prom together. Laugh away.


It’s ALIVE!!!

Today I learned an important blogger lesson… If your husband is a web developer by trade, have patience when you want to make changes and ask him, otherwise you will get over confident and break your back end code.

In true Steph style, I broke the blog literally moments after tweeting about it for the first time. Some things never change.

Speaking of twitter…

Who is This Crazy Cat Lady?

I suspect that the only ones reading this blog are me and my husband (and seriously only because I ask right before we fall asleep “did you read it?!???” If the answer is no, the lights come back on, the phone is out and he is reading it. :-P), but on the off chance you were googling around and somehow got stranded here… you may be wondering who I am.

Here, I will try and sum myself up in 10 points. Maybe 5? We shall see.

1. I am a lawyer lady by day, wife/bibliophile/wanna be gourmet chef/ kitty mama/fitness addict by night.

2. I am a klutz. I trip, smash, and topple over a lot. Sometimes I am standing still and trip over my own feet. This gives my husband endless laughs when I¬†spontaneously¬†grab at him for balance. It’s annoying given that I danced for 13 years as a kid on a competition team and I work out all. the. time. It also means I frequently hurt my toes/foot/back/arm/fingers. ¬†I mean seriously, how many times can I walk into my trash can in my office. I know where it is!

3. I may be a tad, slight bit Type A. Personally, I just think I know how I like things. There is nothing wrong with having a plan!

4. I cherish my family. The husband and I have huge families that we try to see often but never see enough. They are our center.

5. I have two cats. They are cool. (inwardly dying to type about my undying love for them)

That is all I have for now… so it shall simply be me in 5 points. ūüôā I started this blog simply because I want a place to record the things I eat and share some of the things I do.

Call it a livejournal for 2013 (anyone else remember those?!)

A Spot of Tea

When did tea sets go out of style? I had play ones as a kid (at least I have a vague memory of this. Maybe I imagined it?), but as an adult, if you have one you are “that girl in the office with the weird tea fettish.”

I have a tea set at work and yes, it is shaped like a cat.. In my defense, I did not buy it for myself. But less in my defense, I kind of adore it. We had a Secret Santa and my awesome SS knew I loved tea and I kinda/sorta enjoyed cats (understatement). With those two facts in hands- she found this bit of awesomeness:


You can bet your pants I use it often. As if I wasn’t strange enough for brewing loose leaf tea at work all the time, I’ve become even weirder by now drinking it not out of the typical office travel tumbler, but out of a real tea cup with a saucer. You can all blame the hubs for that one.

So since it’s only 10 degrees out, I am going to embrace the weirdness and settle back to do my work with a little spot of tea..